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Guidance, help & support for your personal and spiritual development

Pendul, pendulering, akashic records

SoulRealignment - Akashic Record Reading

Your Akashic Record is an overview of all the choices and actions you have taken through all the lives you have lived. When you book your session, you give me permission to go into your Akashic records and find and remove the limitations and blockages that prevents you from living your current life in balance, joy, love and abundance.

During the session we will talk about who you are at a soul level, what is the essence of your soul and your divine gifts. In addition, I will tell about the karmic blockages that are in your Divine Soul Blueprint and which, among other things, can contribute to, financial problems, relationship and family problems, poor self-esteem, health problems and so on. I will also tell about some of your past lives where your soul has created karmic blockages and it will give you a clearer understanding of the different life lessons that your soul has chosen to have and experience in your current life.

We all have the free will, and we constantly choose what our lives should look like through the choices we make daily. You will quietly understand how both karma and life lessons have made you attract your current life relationships and repetitive patterns.

We also talk about how new positive choices can change your current path and what new choices would be ideal for you.


In the end, it's your own responsibility to integrate the changes this clearing creates for you. It starts, among other things, with you making new choices and taking steps towards the change you want in your life.

After the clearing you will most likely feel a reset, and that's because your Divine Soul Blueprint has been cleared and you now have full access to vital force energy. In the weeks following the clearing, it is important that you work on making new choices for yourself and you should know that it will be much easier to take the new steps and make new positive choices because of the clearing.

Duration 1  1/2 hour  

£230 or $285

Krystalkugle, clairvoyance, kanalisering

Akashic Property Clearing

Via the Akashic Records and my spirit guides, I tune in to the energy of your home and investigate if there is anything blocking your flow in life and access to abundance. I can see if there are negative thought forms, as well as spirits and portals in your home and when it is localized I remove it all through a clearing in the akashic records. The energy in your private home is super important, and it is, among other things, the energy that can make you healthy or sick. It is also this energy that helps to either support you in manifesting the life you want, or hold back and slow down your flow.

If you have received the personal akashic reading, it's definitely a good idea to order a property clearing immediately after, so that you are maximally supported in your clearing and new energy.

However, you can also order a house cleaning without getting a personal reading.  


This session is by mail so not personal. You book the session and then you have to count on 1-2 weeks waiting time depending on how busy I am. You will receive an answer from me via email where I write what I have found and cleared from your home. There is nothing you have to do yourself besides receive the new flow.  


£115 or $142


Divine Soul Blueprint

In this session, we're just talking about your Divine Soul Blueprint. You are going to get the following info about your soul; What is the essence of your soul? Where does it come from? What is your soul's specialty and what is its primary life lesson?

This session is created for you who want knowledge about your soul, but who are not yet ready for the big Soul Realignment session. This session usually constitutes the first half of a Soul Realignment session.

NOTE: If you later want to receive the rest of the original Soul Realignment session where you get info about karmic blockages that are in your divine soul blueprint including a clearing of these, then you will get a discount that corresponds to what you have paid for the Divine Soul Blueprint the session.

Takes place online via Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype

Duration 50 minutes

£115 or $142

Hus, husrenselse, property clearing

Channeled  Reading

Do you need to gain a greater understanding of yourself and your life?  

Do you have questions such as:  

Am I on the right track?

Is there something I overlook?

What should I be aware of?

How do I improve my love life or work life?

What does my soul contain and what is it here to accomplish?


Truth, path and purpose are themes that are often worked on in channeling, and therefore it is a really good help for personal and spiritual development. Sometimes you will need a loving push so you can start living the life you were meant to live, and here channeling is the perfect tool.  

During the session, you can ask questions to Bella-Aurora's team of spirit guides and shed light on what you may have already thought but did not dare to believe. It can give you a greater understanding of yourself and your life, and you can view new sides and opportunities you never thought you had.  

Getting a channeling is the best gift you can give yourself, and most people notice that their lives subsequently change for the better. It can be beneficial to work with channeling for a longer periode, and make use of the amazing guidance and energy the spirit guides offer.

Channeling is not suitable for you who only wants a yes or no answer to your question. Nor is it for you who are not willing to look at what lies behind your problems or lack of flow in your life.

Duration 1 hour

£135 or $170

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