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"Welcome to the year of Unity

We are coming closer to the divine plan of Unity and the year 2023 marks the start of this energy. It will be an intense year in many levels and with many changes. Please remember that these changes always serves a higher purpose even it it doesn’t seem like it. We ask that you all stay patient with the processes you will enter on a personal level, because It might be some deeper inner processes that you have not tried before. It already started in 2022 but will definitely intensify when we enter this new year. The volume needs to be speeded up and this will happen in 2023. People will feel more sensitive and there will be a big need of peace inside as well as outside.

This is also a year where more light workers will wake up and start doing their work. The light workers wakes in different stages, so the ones that are still asleep will wake up now and during the coming years.

We have come to an end of an era and the year 2023 marks the beginning of a new. The new era brings more clarity and alignment and as we have already said, Unity. Please understand that the new era wont just start all at once this year - this year only marks the beginning of a new and also very long era. This year might feel a bit schizophrenic as people will experience many opposite experiences. In one end it can be clarity, alignment, peace and Unity that can be felt, and in the other end it will be misalignment, chaos and selfishness. The most important advice we will give you all, is to stay centered! Find the eye of the storm inside and stay calm and centered while the storm is raging outside. It is going to be a wild ride this year so hang on tight. Many good things will happen but it will also be tough at times. But again we will say that if you center yourself and stay calm it will be possible to ride the storm and maybe even with ease and grace. This year really marks a change in so many levels. The word Unity will make its way this year. Unity between people, Unity between people on earth and the beings from higher dimensions, Unity between people and the earth, Unity between people and animals and so on. The clarity will arise! - The clarity that we are all one will arise in many people this year, and people will go from seeing themselves as one individual to seeing how we are all connected. No one is separate! We are all connected and when we say ‘we’ then yes you are also connected with us that currently exists without bodies. Clarity and a deeper understanding of how things are connected is what many people will experience.

Many will find that they really cannot control the outcome of anything and they will slowly learn how to let go. The theme of ‘Letting Go’ is one that will repeat itself throughout this year. The saying ‘Let Go and Let God’ will be something you can remind yourself. Meaning that there is a higher plan in action and no matter what you do this higher plan will unfold - so we say to all of you, “find your center, lean back and let it all unfold”. Go inside and secure your inner peace. Your inner peace will make a huge difference for yourself but also for humanity - bigger that you can imagine dear one. How can you secure inner peace you may ask? We say, make time for silence every day. Sit in silence and look within, notice your thoughts and let go, notice your thoughts and let go, notice your thoughts and let go, and please continue until you feel peaceful. You can’t do this wrong dear one.

The last thing we want to say is, that you are never alone in all that you may go through. We are many light beings and angels whose main task is to support humanity in this special time on planet earth. Please know that you can ask us for help anytime and the help will always come. Be in peace always" - Brotherhood of Beings

Copyright: BellaAurora - Unity Rose Temple

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